Ugly Ass American

Archived Post 3/23/04  

 I’m not sure I would want to survive a terrorist attack if I was in the wrong place at that tragic next time. The Wall Street Journal reports, 3/16/04, “the media frenzy generated by celebrity addiction cases like Rush Limbaugh have increased pressure on government drug regulators.” “Patients with chronic pain say the government crackdown is making it harder for them to get the painkillers they need.”

The Wall Street Journal article goes on to report many cancer and arthritis patients can not get the medical care they deserve because Rush’s media frenzy has frightened doctors to under prescribed painkillers for chronic pain patients. I’m figuring if I am even a few blocks away from a terrorist explosion then there is a good chance I’ll face life threatening wounds and possibly a life of pain which would remain under prescribed because Rush couldn’t help himself from cramming a fist full of pills into his mouth to feed his addiction.

The past three days Rush has continued to puke his opinion of John Kerry while he has trivialized the lives and sudden deaths of the victims of the terrorist train explosions in Spain. The candles at the train stations in Spain hadn’t melted before Rush found his hook and started blasting Democrats for being terrorist supporters. He showed his ugly American ass without stopping for a moment to show respect for the Spanish terrorist victims. That would have been the Christian thing to do. It is time to remove Rush from your local radio station. Please join the Boycott.