Boiling Hot Ass Air

Archived Post: 12/1/15  

I’ve spent the last few months listening to Rush Limbaugh and his boiling hot ass air spouts concerning our nation’s security. Rush has sat in his glass liter box blaming Democrats for every security breech America has encountered. This is a man who wouldn’t pay his housekeeper enough to stop her from snitching on his habit of cramming a fistful of painkillers into his mouth.

When the Rush's housekeeper went public with her accusations about Rush’s daily habit of pills. Rush went on the defensive. The only polite comment Rush made concerning his housekeeper was she was legal. (See Prejudice Bastard)

Rush has now started disputing any criminal charges concerning his addiction and he has blamed the prosecutor of a witch hunt to find which Doctors provided the scripts to Rush’s downfall. Maybe Rush should sell his story to the National Enquirer so he can get his story out among the grocery shoppers of America. This would allow him a chance to control his story with a news organization as reliable and trusted as himself.