Blue Rush archive 8/9/07

Archived: 8/27/08

When Rush Limbaugh was busted for being an addict. Rush rushed to be considered an entertainer. Willing to drop his role as a political analyst, Rush made every effort to convince the
American people he was no better than the Hollywood types Rush ridicules everyday. As soon as Rush envisioned Freedom's door was closing on his jail cell, Rush went out and bought the most expensive trail lawyer he could find.
Today Rush ridiculed average Americans as he insulted the questions they asked the Democratic candidates at Soldier Field in Chicago. Quick to destroy the Union, any Union, Rush ignores the human hands which punch the clocks, load the trucks or builds our buildings. Rush treats the Union person as if they are flawed with a victim mindset rather than honoring the men and women who helped build this nation.
What type of person ridicules the poor and the under paid. Rush!!!! That is who.
Across America millions of Americans stand on their feet eight hours a day. Today was a 105 degrees across the south but that did not stop the roofing or asphalt road building. It certainly did not stop Rush from expecting his fellow Americans to accept their fate as a worker.
A self made man in his mind, Rush is quick to judge Americans as weak and a burden when they finish the day owing money and worrying about expenses. Rush, who I've never seen in a pair of boots is quick to advise us all to pick ourselves up from our boot straps and not burden his fortune with the needs of the nation.
Looking through a glass studio booth as Americans fill their cars and trucks with gasoline, thousands, perhaps millions of Moms working at convenient stores wonder about the life decisions they have made while they serve the customer over the counter. If only she had not kept the kid she had in High School, she could have graduated and tried college or what if she had been born a man like Rush who has out of wedlock sex without the burden she now loves and cares for.

Never credit for the good deed, Rush would have this women suffer and make her the brunt of a bad condom joke. Quick to flash his wealth, Rush only knows of this women from back seat off color comments he makes to his driver. Never crediting her for her love and devotion, only questioning her judgement.
As America enters into our next Presidential election our nation needs to be assured of one thing. The children and the elderly will be cared for. The troops come home and we develop a mission of Peace in the middle east. Our nation's citizens need Health Care with reduced rates and expanded national coverage. Our roads should be maintained and our borders should be safe while we show compassion and share our great wealth of knowledge with South and Central America.
The one thing we should be assured of is our nation remains strong and the only way to remain strong is to keep the average American healthy and strong. Our Wealthy citizens who promote greed over national interest have become the sour cream of this country. The Health and Welfare of America is not for sell and our constitution should make it our God giving right.

I'm not asking you to pay for my health care but I do wish it was available for those who need it. We need to evolve into a nation and stop being just a country. When Rush Limbaugh picks apart questions asked by millions of Americans everyday, you have to wonder when will he understand he has never been one of us.

Hey Rush .... Your cat is never going to college or asking for the keys to the car. There is a good chance the cat is never going to join a gang or have a broken heart. When you get a grip on what it takes to be a real American, then the you have permission to exhale..... "Blue looks good on you."

(This archive post was written at a time when Rush Limbaugh was comparing a gallon of milk to the price of a gallon of gas. Rush complained because Americans were complaining about high gas prices. Rush was kicking America with the boot while we were struggling pull ourselves up from our boot straps. Rush no longer compares the price of milk to gas.)