Bump Thing

Archived: 8/29/08

This was the first time I had ever sat through a full speech by a politician. I understand the appeal, I also felt as if he was talking directly to me. I listened as Senator Obama spoke, I heard my own conscious speaking. Senator Obama is right. America needs to show concern for our nation's infrastructure, we are wasting great resources we should be conserving. Our nation knows the right course, we know our ethics and our responsibilities. We have it in us to change

As a man I do not have a say in the abortion issue except to use responsible methods to prevent pregnancy. As a society we ask women to make so many important decisions, I am confident with women making this one.

Poverty has reached deeply into the middle class but has always been a factor on the American landscape. Our Indian Reservations are denied their needs for education, Cultural heritage and health care. Our Black communities often sit in the path of progress then lose the battle to gentrification which is cultural genocide. Often poverty as a class structure in society now has green grass and washed cars and empty gas tanks.

A full tank of fuel and a deadly bet they will not return after night patrol. Our nation has been willing to pay for coffins and a life time of medical and mental benefits in exchange for America's future. Shame on all of us for allowing the Iraqi war to last more than a few weeks. The American people failed the American people.

Un-American, Where is your patriotism? The Hate America crowd was the call of patriotism the conservative right used to intimidate Peace from becoming a factor in our relations with the world. Kill it or them, nuke them is the call for freedom for those who practice their no abortion arguments on the weekend.

As I listened to Senator Obama I lost my fears, regained my love for my nation already knowing nothing can destroy her except her own people. Forgetting our purpose, our creed and culture, allowing it to be branded to the world while the American people are penalized like trademark violators for striving for the American dream.

Cars are to expensive, homes are still out of reach but the American people have paid for the research for great drugs and great cures. We are the the early investors but yet our people do not get a company discount at the pharmacy or hospital. Who is brokering our health care when it is to expensive for preventive health care.

A healthy nation is a strong nation which makes believe Senator Obama has a great understanding of tactical diplomacy. The conservative right view is to develop a large poverty class which makes America a bad candidate for a take over. Meanwhile this administration has been striping the nation's infrastructure to invest into new enterprises which drain revenue. Projected profits are forgotten when crucial alignments and relationships are not realized. We concentrate not on results but on getting out wearing our shirt not realizing we have already lost it. It is time to end the war in Iraq.

Senator Obama spoke to me, he has looked at America through my eyes and understood it better than I can. He is a man I can lean on, depend on, stand by his side.
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