Drowning in cigar smoke

Archived: 8/25/08

As sunrise comes over America, a new awakening shines. A smile, big fresh eyes look at us from the skirt of their mother. Our nation's children have a chance. As the thunder clouds fill the sky in Florida, people wade in purgatory wondering if the President has sent someone to save them. Americans now ask themselves do they save themselves or do they wait for help.

Still tan stained from sitting in his own cigar smoke. Rush glows green with envy for a wife like Michele Obama. Someone who would not leave him, someone to love him but envy evolves in to what Rush will say on the radio today. Rush will discuss Mrs. Obama's speech which she made last night, the first night of the Democratic National Convention. 2008

The first item on Rush's list will be to insult Mrs. Obama. Nothing but locker room talk at first but Rush will quickly shove some of her political points back at her. Actually her speech was vague of political policy but Rush is a one trick pony so Rush will improvise for Mrs. Obama and tell her what she said. Rush will make Mrs. Obama's point for her, then show her why she is wrong.

This is where the envy of the loving wife will end and the disrespect for all women will begin. Her face is the face of the American women and she has reached to far for the fat man on the radio. Rush will wake up today with the goal of destroying another human. Evidently Rush did not listen to Mrs. Obama's speech.