Grumpy ole Neighbor

Archived Post: 8/24/19

As the Morning sun rises over the United States, Rush Limbaugh is dressing up in tights and his dark cloud outfit. A nosy neighbor who never just comes over for cup of salt and vinegar, Rush is waking today to rain on Senator Obama's parade.

This morning Rush isn't coming over to talk about the neighbor Bill who left some dog poop in a yard back in the sixties, even though when the police were called they found neighbor Bill innocent of Rush's charges. Bill is an outstanding neighbor but Rush will never let anyone forget Bill's wild days forty years ago.

Nope. Today Rush will be coming over to talk crap about the new neighbor, someone Rush has known of for years even though he does not know the man himself. "He is a scoundrel and a lying cheat" who wants to raise the neighborhood fees to give assistance to the poor neighborhood which is near Rush's large home. Rush hates his poor neighbors and takes every chance to remind everyone else that he is RICH and his neighbors are not.

Yep. Rush will fill the morning air with the smell of treason and the foul stench of crap. Rush is the very unhappy neighbor who turns on his front yard sprinklers during the neighborhood party then cusses the kids for dancing under the rain Rush has made. Rush is just another grumpy ole neighbor.