Conservative Loot

I was very moved by Hillary Clinton's speech and it is important for all us to keep in mind our responsibility to our nation. Isn't it strange how the party of the working class, the poor and the entrepreneur is the Democrat party.

Isn't it wonderful we are not the selfish minority who want legislation to enrich the privileged few. Instead, we look out upon our masses to see where we can lend a hand.Senator Clinton has asked us to support Senator Obama. Those of us who want a stronger nation, a nation with a kind, strong voice which looks at her population as people rather than a burden will serve her by voting for Obama for President.

The conservative right wing machine attacked McCain just as viciously as they attacked the Clinton's for twenty years. Those attacks are the flip flops leaving the conservative movement confused and compromised. The conservatives pretend but they have not forgotten their disgust for McCain's temper tantrums and voting record. The conservative will never forgive McCain for pushing out a buffoon such as TV Actor Fred Thompson who could read lines like Reagan but was no Reagan.

As America anticipates the day (this week) when a Political party nominates the right candidate to lead this nation into the future, the conservative American is forced to swallow an old pill which has expired and lost its potency. A placebo which dissolves on the tongue and never makes it to the heart even though it causes heat burn when it is digested in the gut. The American conservative will soon double over the porcelain bowl and puke out all the foul and disgusting comments they have ingested over their years listening to Rush Limbaugh.

The true American Conservative knows John McCain has nothing but disdain for the conservative's core beliefs and these conservatives know McCain will act differently when elected. The Man who Rush now says is the true conservative candidate is the man a few months ago Rush mimicked as Rush called McCain an old Fart.

Are we watching the end of the Conservative movement which was started a few miles from where I type my liberal words onto an international screen. I watched as men carried Jessie Helm's coffin to a waiting car which took him to his grave. Have those who now steer the conservative movement lost their grip on the conservative movement by supporting a man with such disdain for their core issues? Yes... They have run the conservative ship a ground and they sit back watching her take water as right wing radio loots their bounty.