She is a Lady

Archived: 8/26/08

Scratching the chalk board with his previously pill stained fingernails, Rush tries to explain how a women would destroy this great nation. Our great Lady, our nation refers to her great battleships as"her" just like when we admire our large river dams and our buildings which rise into the sky.Rush would have you believe our mothers and wives, our sisters and daughters could not run our nation.

Saying what every man would say if he had the nerve, Rush stands alone as the one who believes it.

In Rush's world, our balls are sitting in golf bags waiting for our wives's to give us permission to use them. We aren't man enough to live alone with our cat, playing Golf everyday. Rush's world is real, rather than the facsimile of a life other men live because they live with a women.

With similar comments concerning a black man becoming President. Rush blames society for being open minded and too ashamed to discuss societies prejudice when asked if America can vote for a Black man. 

In the same breath, Rush would remind us all  Democrats who are prejudice and that Republicans have done the most to rise the Black man out of the chains of slavery.

Ignoring Rush's own words that the Government can not raise a man to another level, I would say the individuals who raised themselves from the chains of slavery were the men and women who wore the chains.

Being man enough to say you would not vote for a black man or a women does not make you part of mankind. It makes you a closed minded fanatic, a racist. AN Anarchist.

A dream candidate for most conservatives is pushed aside as a liberal mayor, a liberal governor or a true buffoon who reads well from the Heritage Foundation papers These men propped up as the true conservative Presidential choice while others are cast off.

Rush dares to call others Godless while casting doubt on a Baptist Preacher or a Reverend of the civil Rights movement. Rush has always cast judgment on others.

Poor people, Welfare Mamas, professors and union hacks are all on the list of Godless people. Expecting others to assist you to rise above your level is foreign to Rush since Rush does not follow God's words. Giving of one's God giving talents or assuring fair working conditions for others is the way of Jesus but not of Rush.

Let the Furry of God be cast on any man who stands at the door of a church and refuses entrance believing he is man enough to halt the rise of other humans.

( This was written at a time when Rush Limbaugh conducted a symphony of attacks on Senator John McCain. Rush demanded the old man leave the race for President. Rush mimicked Senator McCain as Rush pretended McCain was having a temper tantrum. In a puff of cigar smoke, Rush Limbaugh changed his tune and now plays second fiddle to a man he dislikes and does not trust. )