Rip Tide

This past Monday while America's radar was on a hurricane approaching the city of New Orleans, the most offensive of all words was broadcasted during the Rush Limbaugh show. The "N" word, a racial slur which has been painstakingly removed from America's vocabulary was spoken during a commentary by an employee of Rush Limbaugh.

This is the second time Rush has broadcasted this commentary and the second time Rush Limbaugh has broadcasted the "N" word.

Today Rush Limbaugh ridiculed P. Diddy and the comments Diddy made concerning John McCain's choice for Vice president. I was on stage with P.Diddy a few years ago while he was singing and using the "N" word. Every time he sang that word the lips of the audience would tighten and lips would lock closed as the audience refused to sing such an offensive word.

It was a strange sensation to watch thousands of people not allow such an offensive word to be released from their mouths. Good people do not say that word around here and on that night, I have never been prouder of my home town. On that night we wouldn't sing along with P.Diddy.

While America's eyes were on New Orleans the Republicans who promised not to politicise the Hurricane held a press conference to announce McCain's Vice President's teenage daughter was expecting a child out of wedlock. As the wind blew hard and the water rose as fears of massive destruction and potential lives being lost, the old man McCain let out a real stinker even a hurricane could not blow away.

Suddenly the Welfare Mama has taken on a new status, she is now a Governor's daughter. The year of the women is happening and Rush is acting like a judge in a wet T-Shirt contest. "She is Hot" says Rush as he quotes Paris Hilton. "Look at those legs", Rush gushes. As much as he likes the way McCain's VP looks, he has yet to say her name is one of his top ten favorite women names.

The teenage daughter has thrown the whole conservative ship off course. Wandering in circles in the Bermuda triangle, the conservative ship is slowly being pulled down to the bottom of the ocean by their own past judgements of Americans.

No Longer does the conservative ship fly a proud flag leading the Navy of Republicans. It is now a pirate ship of Fancy dressed men who dance and pout while waving to each other in a rip tide. They are their own best fans, standing on each others shoulders on a slippery deck.

I live near one of America's smallest land locked military bases. It consist of a navel gun which is pointed at the late Jessie Helms home in Raleigh, NC. Jessie knew how to drive the proud ship of the conservative. His actions were harsh and he spoke his mind but he always brought the Conservative ship down the Potomac and into port.

Jessie would have seen the desert wind and would have steered his ship through it, dispersing it and using the desert wind's energy to plough forward with a real conservative candidate for President. Jessie would have never asked a young women to leave her family for a political party which needed her strengths later in life. Jessie would have spared her this hard decision because family was everything to Jessie.

Rush, the ships captain now has given the Pacific Ocean to a liberal governor Rush once called a conservative. Rush lost the battle of the Mississippi when he mistook a sick actor as a man he could beat on and Rush lost the Atlantic when he supported a man who has never been a conservative and that man is John McCain.

Mutiny on the deck of the conservative ship has been held to a minimum since the nation's only pseudo conservative voice refuses to share the crows nest with a real conservative leader. We will never see another like the Jessie Helms creation of Ronald Reagan because Rush Limbaugh would destroy them before they could gain national exposure.

Powered by the wind, a hot air gust barely strong enough to push forward, the conservative ship is leaking, dripping oil, leaving a trail to follow and a scandal to expose. "No one is perfect" says Rush who then rips into a cartoon character of a liberal Presidential cannidate he invented for the radio. America means nothing to the fat man on the radio, Rush knows he will always have a ship to ride out of town. Willing to leave this nation in ruins, Rush counts the days until he can count his gold while his cat sits on his shoulder nibbling on his numb ears.