American Terrorist

As I was walking up the main street in my city, I stopped and read the newspapers through the Newspaper box window. With no change in my pocket, I read an article by Cash Micheals from the local African American newspaper. Cash spelled it out perfectly pointing out the right wing nuts were blaming the poor but mostly our minority citizens for destroying the economy.

The other day Rush Limbaugh referred to the economic bail out of 2008 as REPARATIONS!!!!!

My God!!!!! Where is the smack!!!!! How can this country allow this type of broadcasting to continue. AM radio is not cable TV or Satellite Radio. AM radio is terrestrial radio which is broadcast to the masses through local license to serve the local community.

Upsetting and insulting our black community is not in our community interest.

I understand the whole freedom of speech issue and so does Rush. Rush freely charges his listeners to listen to his archived radio shows on his web site. I pay to receive a disgusting political pamphlet which Rush publishes every month.

Expecting higher standards by my local broadcaster and wanting them to stop broadcasting Rush Limbaugh has nothing to do with censorship. It has everything to do with choosing what is best for my community. Rush does not live in my community nor does he live in 99% of the communities his show is aired.

Twice, Rush Limbaugh has allowed a commentary by one of his producers to broadcast the N word which is one of the most disgusting racial slurs in the American Vocabulary. Unfortunately when the N word is used, it is repeated and reused until this word has found its way back into our society.

Calling the economic bail out of 2008 "REPARATIONS" is another example how Rush Limbaugh is trying to bring race baiting to the main streets of our communities. Rush's attack of the churches which serve our local black community and calling the victims of Katrina "Thugs" is pale considering Rush's radio attacks of American Black Pro Athletes.

Rush is definitely a racist. My community just put a man behind bars for communicating threats in his emails to Hispanic community groups and a local sheriff just stated Hispanics "Breed like Rabbits" and are "Trashy". These men were empowered by the American people refusing to stand up to the likes of Rush Limbaugh who spew hate everyday on Right Wing radio on the AM radio dial.

Our Nation is coming to grips with a serious economic crisis, two wars, lost jobs, storm damage and the winter chill of high heating bills. Our issues are many and hard times cast a Shadow over the American Landscape but a Vice President candidate adopts a talking point from right wing radio as if a hippie terrorist from the sixties is a threat to me today.

This hippie may have bombed the pentagon and the capital but at least he did not sit in a fighter jet dropping hundreds of thousands of pounds of explosives on civilan populations without care or concern for human life. McCain filled his boots with pride as he affected faceless people and their towns and cities where they lived. You may want this, our nation may need this in a fighter pilot but our nation does not need a callus President who can't see the faces of the people his directives affect.

Once the laughing stock of Right Wing Radio, John McCain has become their new George BUSH. They love McCain and everything he stands for. Rush who makes millions of dollars every month has never invested into a war corespondent but he has invested into the destruction of political candidates.

Rush has declared War on the Democrat party and has raised his listening audience into a furry over issues making a small minority voice the loudest on an issue. Rush threatens his wrath on any politician or public servant who does not do as Rush wishes. Rush is a threat to this nation and has communicated threats to this nation. Rush is an American Terrorist. Rush is the spokes model, our nations prerevolution Castro without the wit, intelligence and charm.

It frightens me greatly when a Vice President candidate quotes and repeats the accusations of an American Terrorist. It paralyzes me to think of her in the Co-Pilot seat with such a dangerous, unpredictable, callus man. God help this country.