Foot on Butt

A mixed message from Nut GrinRich of enlarging the tent of the Republican party while Rush Limbaugh is trying to make it an exclusive club. Both agree the core Conservative is the base of the Republican party but differ on who they wish to share their party with. Sean Hannity mumbles through a short cheer burst for conservative values while Mark Levin and Neal Boortz try their best Micheal Savage impersonation.

The problem with the Republican party, according to me, is that their party's leaders already have a full time job, they are right wing radio host. They need a real leader who is party focused rather than a radio star. Someone interested in governing rather than ratings.

It is this simple. Rush and Hannity have to move subjects along at a rapid pace so they can keep the attention of the audience. They use spurt simple statements such as Rush's "HuT sweet Hut" or Grin Rich's "Drill now". As more spurt statements are introduced, more spurts are piled on the listener. Sean Hannity fires of a mumble list designed to overload the spurt pile turning it into an aggressive sentence. It keeps the radio listener but it does not create votes.

While all these catchy "catch phrases" or "Got You" comments are being embedded into Americans by rwingnut radio stars, the politicians are left without a voice. The Republican politician must repeat the rwingnut radio star's comments but by doing so they sound repetitive and unoriginal. These types of spurt comments may get the crowd rolling but they do not leave the voter with anything substantial.

Sure, Sarah Pallin brought in a lot of votes but she left many empty by repeating America's Rwingnuts which left her message empty of what America was yearning for. As Americans, we may rally at a "Gotcha Comment" but we vote for substance in the message.

Americans do not vote for right wing nut radio stars. It is true McCain benefited from his support from Rush, Hannity, Levin and Bill Lumaye but no one really believed them and the core Conservative's future response to Senator McCain will show more disgust and hatred than before they threw their support for McCain's run for the Presidency.

This act of disloyalty to an honored Republican Senator will affect a larger amount of disaffected Republicans, the many who do not respond to "spurt comments" since they feel they insult their intelligence. The years of playing down intelligence for the sake of the Republican President are over. They know they were beat by a smart man and it will take a smart man to beat him.

What hope resides at the Republicans door? When that door opens there should be the face of a new party which leads itself rather than the open door policy of profiteering from the Republicans message by right wing radio stars. Don't be the Butler, be the foot on the butt.

The old fat guy and his annoying nephew, the crazy hippie uncle and his two minions and especially Jerry Agar in Chicago, Kevin Miller in Pittsburgh and Lynn and Terry Frank out of Knoxville. They have to go away. These guys are not helping your cause.

Had Kevin Miller tempered his comments, that poor girl would have never carved a backwards B in her face. A local Republicans words did not do that, a Wanna Be right wing radio star took his audience to far because it is good for ratings. Kevin's actions did not bring in more votes but he made his rating numbers.

As more and more Spurt comments are piled on the listener, it leaves no room for a message and leaves many with a reason to start fighting within the Republican party. Factions, splits, cracks in the core message become unmanageable while governing the nation is left to others. The Republicans can produce the radio ratings but they can not produce VOTES.

If their ship continues to port at this speed and course, they will not see land until 2020 or longer and by then they will have adjusted their core message to fit the new nation. It is safe to say they are taking on water, sinking while moving forward. The attempt to save the core Conservative message has been lost and is falling into itself by the weight of the right wing radio star.

I am a North Carolina Democrat. I am more Republican than 90% of you and only four percent of you are more conservative than me. Most of my life has been spent less than a mile from Jessie Helm's home and he is buried in my neighborhood. I did not need the false and confusing teachings of Rush Limbaugh. I grew up in the town where the core conservative message was created, the region of America which gave you Ronald Regan. I know what it is to be a conservative because I am one, always have been.

I'm just not a Rush to be Conservative. I do not believe the core conservative message is topical and it should not be rubbed on America as if it is a ointment.