Rush's Hickeys

With 2009 only minutes away, a dark man, a fat man, a dangerous man lurks in the Shadow of all which is rotten about America. This man is Rush Limbaugh.

Over the past few weeks Rush has attacked a Kennedy, our future President and the American consumer while making a heroes out of a Wall Street thugs and thieves. Rush has promoted his car sponsors of his radio show but discounted the men and women who built the auto industry.

At a time when Americans with credit cards are being charged over 30% interest on their past due balances, Rush never warned Americans of this bank robbery pulled off by the recipients of a tax payer bailout. Soon banks will be regulated on the interest they charge Credit cards holders but until then even the most loyal customer is seeing their interest payment sky rocket beyond belief for no reason at all.

Let a human cross the American border for a better life and Rush will give you the number to immigration to turn the person over to authorities. Meanwhile, Rush gives shelter to the banking industry and drove the bank robbery get away foreign car as the banking indusrty pushed through unfair credit card legislation of 2008.

Basically the law does not permit the bank to raise your past credit card interest rate
on purchases you have made but can raise your interest rate on future purchases. In the mean time the banking industry is raising everyone's credit card interest so it will be high when the legislation becomes a law. At a time when Americans need to be spending their money on consumer goods the banks have decided to steal this money with unfair and unfounded interest rates on credit cards.

At first Rush ignored our pleas as citizens about high gas prices comparing them to the price of a gallon of milk. When gasoline rose above the price of a gallon of milk, Rush left the milk jug to spoil in America's refrigerator. Rush knows the price of Milk is controlled by a 1930's law which gives his friend's in the California Corporate Dairy industry a price advantage and punishes the Wisconsin small farm dairy's. Basically. As long as Rush's cat has fresh milk then he could care less if you can afford to drive to the store to buy your kid's milk.

Rush ignores legislation supported by his friends but concentrates on personal attacks on a politician's weight and their color. Rush's attack on Caroline Kennedy were both childish and socially unacceptable. Referring to her as "Rich Thin" and playing a mocking radio bit reenactment of a political lunch she held with the Reverend Al Sharpen. Rush proved these last few weeks he is a sore loser and a man who feels scorned by society.

This mockery on the radio is extremely costly, especially at a time when the Bush economic policies are tanking the American economy. While American soldiers are dying oversees and their families crave a little human contact with their loved one, Rush uses his resources to divide America. Rush uses his wealth a turtle neck to hide his hickeys from America's corporate thugs and thieves.