Tired and Old

Tired and Old
Waking up this morning must be hard for Rush Limbaugh. A loser who is fat from vile and crap, Rush has become a political hack and the elections yesterday have proved this. Running the wrong way down America's Main street, Rush misread America and the needs of her people.

Tired of the war, tired of middle class poverty, tired of division, the American people have spoken. Some would blame the President for the current turn and twist of the power struggle but I blame Rush Limbaugh. President Bush is aTexan and good guy and I believe he welcomes the input of the American people. Rush Limbaugh, fat with vile and crap is a man with a weak mind living in a solitary world where Rush rules America from his little glassbox.

Rush has no need for any other opinion than the one echoing within Rush's head. President Bush is man of his word and when he was a young man, he experienced America through the eyes of a common man. A man comfortable on a loading dock where the smokers stand or the back hallways of hotels waiting to give a speech. I trust President Bush really knows what America needs and he really wants to help the common man. President Bush: Your time has come to lend a hand. Rush Limbaugh knows no one. He stands over everyone while spewing his fabricated logic and is more of a wise ass than a wise man.

Rush Limbaugh can't stand the little man, the working man, Rush Limbaugh imagines us all as the end of his cigar stuck to the soul of his shoe. It is time. I've seen it coming. America is ripe for revolution. We are want to be one country where we wear red, white and blue. America needs and strives for the euphoria we felt after 9/11. The feeling of silent strength. A country on track, a humble, honorable strong America.This can not be done with Rush Limbaugh broadcasting throughout America. Rush Limbaugh needs to retire, today rather than tomorrow.

Archived from the orginal website which has asked for America's AM radio station to Cancel Rush. One person asking for one thing. Please Cancel Rush.