Ole Lady

With his hand on the Lincoln Bible and his heart with America, the leader of our nation, of the free world was called to answer to Rush Limbaugh. On a day which shows the world through symbolism the transition of power from one American leader to another, our nation's AM radio scarred and scratched the process as only the right wing Conservative can. A childish attempt to garnish publicity, Rush Limbaugh listened to himself become irrelevant.

Not knowing our understanding what today has become for America's black community, Rush Limbaugh declared he was color blind, Rush declared he does not see people by their race. Perhaps not, but Rush does rely heavily on stereo types such as his radio bit "Puff the Magic Negro" or "Housing Queen" which is a direct insult to our black community and America's gay community.

These two radio bits are expensive for Rush's radio show to produce. Since the beginning of the wars, Rush has produced at least thirty five and yet he has never hired a news room to provide accurate reports from Iraq or Afghanistan. Rush has always relied on other news organizations to provide his knowledge, his opinion and his radio carrier.

After signing a 35 million dollar a year contract, Rush has enjoyed great wealth which really is a true American story but it has already been told. Rush may have a funny lounge singer to carry his radio show but Rush is not and never will be Bob Smith.

Before American Graffiti there was Wolf Man Jack. Robert Weston Smith broadcast over more of America , a larger listening audience than Rush Limbaugh ever will. An American Icon who came to fame from broadcasting in Mexico from a 250,000 watt AM "Heard it on the X" radio station which broadcast throughout North America.

Rush has never talked about his radio ratings in Canada but Bob Smith knew he was feared by all adults and loved by their teenagers. Wolf Man Jack worked the nights while Bob Smith worked days. Smith was a phenomenal sales man which is how he sold America on his alter ego, Wolf Man Jack.

Bob Smith pushed more coffee cups, Place mats, and Wolf Man Jack Fan Club memberships than Limbaugh will ever achieve. Rush is nothing original, he has taken from the best and studied his craft. Rush is no Bob Smith or Wolf Man Jack.

Like today, like an old spouse we all knew what Rush would say before he said it. His commentary was bitter, the mean old woman came out and he used a few catch phrases. Yawn, heard all before. Tired, old Rush Limbaugh. The ole lady is irrelevant.

In 1961 Bob Smith looked out his Newport News, Virginia home to find a cross burning in his front yard. His integrated dance club had brought him to the attention of the local Klu Klux Klan. In 2009 Rush Limbaugh still relies on stereotypes and innuendos based on race, sex and culture to fuel his radio show. That is a short amount of growth for a long time getting there.