Rotten Core

Israel, You better watch out. Rush Limbaugh has determined your fate and if you do not allow him to lead you then you will be cast out as Trent Locke was for not standing up to his removal from congress after a bigoted remark. A remark Rush Limbaugh has stated was never made but Trent Locke has been made to seem as less of a man for accepting his rightful removal.

A sovereign country, an American ally but Rush sees them as a pawn he can use to project his unfiltered attacks on America's democracy. Israel's democracy. A fight against Arab and Jew, Arab and Christan and Christian and Jew is a fight Rush Limbaugh craves. Rush fights to keep Jesus the reason for the season but has never lifted a finger for Hanuka.

"Let you people wipe each other off the earth" is the backroom smoke signals from the back of Rush's radio station. "Better you fighting them than us" is billowing into the hall way as we hear Rush inject unneeded pressure on American politicians to interfere with this recent conflict in the Middle East.

We can always rebuild the manger, so really, do you trust a radio man, a propagandist who has preyed on stereo types and called for a war against segments of our American society. Rush uses Christian principles and a Christian hammer to beat down his opponents.

Ignoring the mentor relationship our Jewish citizens have provided our Black community, Rush chooses soundbites which pit the two segments of society against each other. Some would say Rush does not originate Anti Semitic statements he repeats but I feel Rush makes political hay from the fields of others.

John McCain was a constant thorn Rush tried to pull out of the conservative movement but then Rush promoted him as a conservative but now attacks him because McCain does not follow the Rush doctrine. Beware Israel, Rush has dictated his terms and will destroy you if you do not follow.

More participants in your war with Hamus over the real security needs of your citizens is what serves Rush the most. Rush stated that no Arab country was acting responsibly at the same moment your government stated they had not received any pressure from neighboring nations to stop your defensive actions. Rush was prodding your neighbors to join the fight.

When America sent their sons into battle, Rush found a revenue stream by selling his "Adopt a Soldier" program. Rush has never asked for our boys to come home and continues to find new ways of using our nation's children, fathers and mothers as a permanent fixture at war.

Recently Rush took Nut GrinRich behind the barn and lashed him publicly with a horse whip. Nut GrinRich answers to Rush and Rush made Nut GrinRich what he is. Nut did not support a radio bit which is both racist and bad radio.

A radio bit which was used with out authorization of Rush Limbaugh by the Republican party as a donation device which Nut GrinRich honestly stated was inappropriate and divisive. Rush climbed inside and ate Nut GrinRich's underpants for criticizing Rush. Nut should have followed Rush's footprints and stated it was the liberals fault for the racist aspect of the "Puff the Magic Negro" radio bit.

Removing the black face paint and showing signs of respecting the political needs of America's black community, Nut GrinRich has twice shown dignity and forward thought while Rush continues the use of racist code words and obvious racist radio bits to divide this nation.

It the new Reganism wrapped up as the old Reganizm. A true sign of a bad economy when the Heritage Foundation is selling it's remastered oldies but goodies and their cover bands are playing their rendition of the original. Sorry Rush, you are repeating the wrong Reagan.

In the past few weeks or better yet in the next few weeks America will see what a bitter, mean Unfiltered man Rush Limbaugh is. It is on the tip of his tongue and by it, I mean Hate. Rush is another man who thrives on having a following and Rush is loyal only to a core segment in society. I fear because I do not follow and I am not rotten as the core.