Sunday Night

Recently I have been listening to 740 AM out of Toronto, Canada, but tonight I am listening to my local AM version of feel good tunes on 680 AM WPTF. It is the "Original Music Hall of Fame" with WPTF's owner Bob Curtis. A wonderful radio show on Sunday nights available to anyone who can hear this Power AM out of Raleigh, NC.

WPTF was given to Raleigh, NC by a native of Raleigh who at the time was the Secretary of the Navy. Joesph Daniels, the publisher of the Raleigh Times and News and Observer was the man who designated the location of America's radio stations. While the first radio frequency was sent by the military from the Cape Hatteras Light House on the outer banks of North Carolina, it was Joesph Daniel's who brought the radio military technology to the citizens of America.

Once America was given a distant voice from a box, Americans adapted to the new radio technology. .. P ardon my spelling. Don Curtis and the Music Hall of fame is on fire.. i need to turn up the radio... complete this soon.... sorry, the feel good tunes call. It is Sunday night.

After a few Fat Tire's and some much needed time with some good music coming through the AM radio, I went to sleep without twittering my every moment.

Monday morning started the steep decline of my radio listening experience. To be honest, I find it hard to listen to Rush Limbaugh. I've listened for years, I've sat through countless Indoctrination seminars Rush gives during times as these. He beats the big drum hard and fast pounding on America with every word.

Whenever Rush achieves the media attention he has recently received, Rush forces his loyal long time listeners to sit through hours of radio which is designed to bring in the new listener. Rush rehashes old scars and tackles new foes with worn out reasoning. He dumbs his message down for the new listener leaving the heritage listener to fiddle with the radio knobs.

As for the political importance of Rush Limbaugh, I question the Republican party to give an official response to "What is Rush Limbaugh to you". We know you are sleeping together but are you dating, will the party marry Rush, do you plan to have more children fathered by Phil Boyce.

When I do listen to Rush, I laugh. Sometimes Rush states I am guided by Hollywood stereotypes and yet the Republican Party is held hostage by a AM Radio Talk Show Host. Rush no longer discusses the price of a gallon of milk since America's gas prices have dropped below two dollars. I wonder if Rush realized the price of milk went up and stayed up well after the gas prices dropped to their new lows.

I am concerned how Rush has enabled Americans to turn their back on America. To fight a war which should have not been fought, to sour the Republican party on Senator John McCain and to allow the use of the N word to be broadcast during his radio show.

So many say we should remove Rush Limbaugh from the radio but he has said so many rude comments in the past that the new stuff is not that shocking. I wish Rush Limbaugh would die. Painfully, Slowly and most importantly, Naturally.

Soon after President Obama became President, Rush Limbaugh began reporting on the details of the President's upcoming public schedule. Rush Limbaugh also rose the level of race baiting by attacking the President and other democrats of African American heritage. Knowing many of his followers were angry, lost, abusive and cunning. Rush knew a tragedy could take place with just a push, a slight shove. Rush pushed for the tipping point of anarchy.

I wonder and I want proof Rush Limbaugh has passed all the death threats against our President which have been sent by his listening audience since he began pounding away at our new President in 2007. To not turn every single death threat document over is treason and by not doing so, Rush may be guilty of attempting something.

I fear Rush Limbaugh, not for my safety but for those who follow Rush. The kid who was never popular, a disappointment to his parents and Grandparents. A man who was never liked by Ronald Reagan, and a man who lacks any talent other than reading from the nation's newspapers and criticizing their every word. Rush has the personality profile of a serial killer or a third world dictator.

We as Americans need action on hard decisions. We need to remove Rush Limbaugh from American AM radio. Our nation has experienced countless radio annoyances such as Rush. In ten years he will only be a rusted memory with a legacy of promoting hate and anarchy in America. Future generations will not understand our fascination with such a stupid man.

The time has come to call your local radio Station and demand they remove Rush Limbaugh from their radio station. Tell them you do not buy Rush Limbaugh.

Disclaimer: I took an oath at the start of my crusade that I would only promote peaceful but annoying action. Nothing has changed.