Guilty as Charges

After weeks of hearing Rush Limbaugh's name mentioned on terrestrial television, I am looking forward to when my TV goes from a color image to black and white static. It is as though I can turn my back on the world while I cleanse the TV image from my mind as my radio plays in the back ground.

With this new Television format arriving so late in its lifespan, and my determination not to follow the rest of America into HDTV. I am faced with an opportunity of a lifetime. After seven years at War, I can forget my country has sent unfocused American faces under a camouflage battle helmet to fight a foreign war.

Like the Catholics who protested our President this weekend while he spoke to the graduating class at Notre Dame, I am against killing, Murder!!!. For me it is basic self preservation since I do not want to be killed but in my heart I am against abortion, the death penalty and War.

Today my television provided the sound bytes for the week on the Rush Limbaugh radio show. Our former Vice President's daughter referred to Un-Americans and how her father's recent outburst was a non-political attempt to preserve the Conservative political movement.

It was the Nation's editor, Katrina vanden Heuvel who spoke of intelligent solutions concerning abortion stating a common sense approach to this unspeakable act. Unspeakable because of the trauma it causes the expecting mother. A human animal whose primary instinct is to give birth.

As the protesters at Notre Dame were shouting their message while waving protest signs and casting judgement on the President of our nation, a young women was standing in front of her bathroom mirror wondering when the baby bump would appear. When would her condition become a public policy matter for a male dominated church leadership and state legislature's who dictate to her what outcome they had decided for her.

She may have Voted but she does not have a voice, nor does her child. Her fate is in the hands of others but most likely fanatics will try to force their way into her life and dictate an outcome. I'd ask if she could spend a few minutes with President Obama, someone who could talk to her about her life and dreams. A man without his hand on her knee but his eyes looking into her heart. I am sure the two of them could come up with a solution together.

I'd rather her take the advice of our President than the rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh. I can only imagine how Rush would talk at her while suggesting a degree from a Secretary school or maybe she could keep other children in her home during the day for money while striving for excellence at her job at night.

Rush Limbaugh has accused the American Government of trying to dictate our every movement while Rush forces his opinion on America. Judge, Jury and accuser, Rush Limbaugh is also Guilty of his accusations.