Asshole must go, Today

The time has come when our nation must remove Rush Limbaugh from American AM Radio. For the past few months Rush has tried to destroy the foundation of this nation and has placed a target on our nation's leaders.

Unless we stop Rush in the next few weeks, our nation will experience a death of a person from congress by the hands of one of Rush's listeners. Before Christmas one of his listeners will make an attempt on an American President.

For those of you who did not take Rush Limbaugh as a serious threat in the past, I hope you will now consider Rush the greatest threat to our nation's freedom and peaceful lifestyle.

Please Join me in calling your local Rush radio station and tell them you do not buy and you no longer accept his dangerous broadcast in your community. Ask for an appointment to write your thoughts in their FCC Book. By law they must allow you to place a letter in the FCC File and any refusal or if the jack you around then you need to be in touch with the FCC on that day. Document your efforts and report any offenses.