Pardon Me

It is the accusations of the charges is how the liberals destroy the character of a person. As ludicrous charge as it may be, the accusation does the damage. Rush goes onto say Liberals lie.

A buzzing noise should have sounded in the EIB glass Liter Box when Rush Limbaugh misspoke about Gov. Mike Huckabee from Arkansas. A tragic shooting in Washington State and the accusation Huckabee pardoned the crazed shooter while he was in Prison in Arkansas.

Rush told a good and honest Liberal lie when he misspoke. Perhaps the buzzing noise when Rush misspeaks a fact is broken and has been replaced re verb.

Rush made noise but never corrected the facts behind the charges Rush made against Huckabee. A large listening audience accustomed to Rush's verbal attack on the Character of Mike Huckabee soaked in a well placed lie.

A scripted lie is brainwashing, Propaganda. So who's the socialist pig now Mr. Big Polyester pants!!! Using the tactics of a Levin radical to convert misguided Americans to become parrots of your radio show.

Rush judges another man's Character while lying to destroy the man's character.... A scoundrel, A pirate of man's souls. A fat gas bag.

A man who has never Governed will often take life and death issues lightly, judging harshly. While Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee commuted the sentence of the crazed shooter. A teenage theft brought a long prison sentence which was reduced by the Governor. Huckabee's action did not release the crazed shooter from Prison, he only reduced the years the man would spend in Prison.

A difficult job which Governors are called upon to perform as they oversee the confinement of their fellow man. Death is as easy as pushing a cough button or a pill popping session to numb the pain of a day at the radio studio. If only Rush knew the human anguish of governing his fellow men. Not followers but citizens.

What follows was a crime. The death of the Police Officers and the scripted lie told by Rush Limbaugh. A glove across the face, ten steps toward the oak tree or does Huckabee turn the other cheek as a christian man does when he confronts the devil.