Archived !/29/19 America still faces a daily barrage of comments made by Rush Limbaugh which do not reflect American Exceptionalism. To often reasonable Americans spend to much effort trying to understand the nonsense spewed by Rush Limbaugh.

I can now say I am no longer a listener of Rush Limbaugh after the recent format changes at my local AM radio station. Even if I am no longer a Rush listener, I am still qualified to comment.

I wish I could apologize to the world for Rush's recent comments on Haiti's earth Quake victims which is a reminder of when Rush referred to Hurricane Katrina victims as thugs. Some would say Rush is over the top but I state Rush allowing the use of the N word during a commentary by one of employee's is the true offence which should have removed Rush from American Radio.

Everyday, all over America a person has their finger on button which beeps when a curse word or offensive statement is made. We live in a world where there is a film of transparent morality which protects us from filthy words. How can it be censorship when we all apply the rules through society rather than laws.

Last year when this radio commentary aired on the Rush Limbaugh radio show our nation was showing overwhelming support for President Obama. Rush's efforts to "Tweak the Drive By Media" was also an attempt to throw this nation into Urban and Rural unrest.

Rush's comments on Haiti were rude and lacked American compassion. It was an attempt to encourage unrest in America and abroad. Even before the 9/11 terrorist, I believe Rush Limbaugh is America's biggest security threat.