Junked up Talking Point

In 2009 I stopped my daily monitoring of Rush Limbaugh's radio show. The habit had become cumbersome and I was bored. Rush says his radio show takes six weeks to become addicted too but it takes only a few years to realize the formula Limbaugh follows to produce his radio show.

Tired old arguments, roughing up his critics, and constant self admiration. While Rush is a master at his craft his knife cuts deeper while being duller. An attack on an opposing critic or media network means constant mentioning only to expose Limbaugh's self pride when mentioned by the National media.

I understand why people listen to Limbaugh and I hear Rush quoted by conservatives when they are making a lazy point turning a discussion into an argument. A political fire which burns this long takes fuel and I believe America has been Limbaugh's fuel. I believe Rush hates America as much as he hated his father. His father was and is America...

Inside Rush is a burning core, Limbaugh is a 60's radical hippie yearning to cast anarchism on America. He grew up in this era, has always bucked authority and Limbaugh uses political theater as well as Abbie Hoffman.

A 17 year old, uninterested in school would have admired the antics of Abbie Hoffman who annoyed the man who kept his stern thumb on Limbaugh. A boil on his ass kept Rush from serving America in the Vietnam war. Limbaugh obeyed Hoffman and rose to raise his voice as Hoffman had.

Two roads in an opposite direction run parallel to the same destination. The Hoffman, Limbaugh path to anarchism can come from any direction.

As of now this problem is your problem, not mine. I fulfilled my obligations.

I made a decision I would remove Rush Limbaugh from my local AM radio station which is WPTF in Raleigh, NC. I started this website, started harassing the radio station, wrote nasty emails to everyone at the radio station and called their advertisers. I, a single person held WPTF AM 680 responsible for the foul comments stated over the air by the radio station announcers.

When I heard the N word on WPTF, I stood solid and I responded. I called racist, racist, documented the offenses and questioned the character and honor of honorable men. I stood solid and I won. I removed Limbaugh from WPTF.

It is only a technicality Limbaugh's nationally syndication company made the decision and Limbaugh still airs in Raleigh. I still feel pride and Joy Limbaugh has left AM radio in my home town.

Not my problem but I do feel some responsibility for what happened in Tuscon, AZ. I dabbled with the goal of removing Limbaugh from all of the radio stations in Raleigh, NC. I have the template and I can do it but there comes a point in all protest to step back and let the public take the point. From what happened this past weekend and during the last election, you guys have failed yourself. You failed America.

It is with heavy heart I stand down and accept the fate of an America which is self ruled by a FM radio announcer. A nation which has given up their individualism and the ability to communicate their issues. A country which stands divided, confused, heart broken and angry. A divided land junked up on a talking point.