Bat Turd

As our nation mourns the loss and injury of theater patrons, Gun America stands up to protect Limbaugh and Guns. At all cost, the portion of life taken at this recent Colorado killing is not enough to convince gun owners they have some bad seeds among themselves. Perhaps it is the friction of metal on skin when a gun is pulled or the pulsing upon the trigger finger.

Whenever people are killed by a gun unjustly the gun community only shows compassion for their own gun rights. An American right to own a gun even if some of you are absolutely nuts. In their mind the gun owner plays out the gun fight, pulling their pistol and firing accurately as if the assailant is a sheet of paper at a shooting range. So quick to respond while the mind plans a hero welcome and three minutes on Fox and Friends.

Personally, unless you are swat, a seal or Sammy Davis Jr. then there is a good chance your gun will kill your foot or a bystander around you. Go ahead and attract attention to yourself with your little noise maker.

Often the history of gun ownership is wrapped around a wild west persona and an American Minute man shooting red coats. The history of gun ownership is a Hollywood creation where blood taste like sugar and bullets are blanks.

No guns are no good. It is not the solution to remove guns from our society.It is time for the Gun owners of America to come together and self regulate themselves. So many Gun Owners tout "Guvment don't do nothing right" while refusing to step up and control their own kind.

We need Gun ownership peer pressure to fix this problem in America. Perhaps you take away their ammunition or actually take their guns but you should never let the crazy ones run loose and kill innocent bystanders. It makes all of you look bad.

Guns are not the solution. Talk to someone, find solace on a mountain but don't let your mind trigger a catastrophic event. If you will not give us your guns then will you pay an ammunition tax to pay for community mental healthcare. Guns don't kill people, crazy people with guns do kill....  Help heal our nation.